Success Stories



This is Shawna's transformation from 4/27/15-8/1/15.  3 short months and absolutely NO weight loss.  She was very frustrated that her scale was not getting lower.  Until she found this before picture.  This is why we do not always advocate for the use of scales.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so when you are starting a fitness program that combines high intensity work outs with strength training base your progress on how your clothes fit and how you feel.  Not what the scale says. 


Every once in a while a person encounters something greater than the sum of its parts or intended purpose.  For me this is Mountain Loop CrossFit.  

I started CrossFit with two simple objectives: to get in shape and to try and mitigate ever increasing back pain from degenerative disk disease.  I doubt most CrossFit gyms would have accepted someone with the back problems I've been dealing with for many, many years.  Thankfully I was welcomed and the coaches worked with me (substituting certain exercises when necessary) towards a common goal to strengthen my entire body without causing injury to my back.  I now feel better than I have in a very long time and I'm lifting weight and doing things I couldn't have ever done before.

I continue CrossFit for the strength and health benefits but I do it at Mountain Loop CrossFit because its home, its extended family, and they are the most supportive, encouraging, welcoming group of people I've ever encountered.  Personal success is great but everyone here enjoys the success and accomplishment of others as much as their own, the coaches as well as the person sweating next to you and cheering you on at the same time, and we have fun doing so.  This is why I drive past three other CrossFit gyms to come here; because ultimately I could get fit at any CrossFit gym but it's the coaches and the people that make a fun, supportive, safe place to do it.



When I started CrossFit I wasn't really sure what to expect.  From what I knew CrossFit was just a type of gym that you worked out at.  Little did I know that it was so much more.  It became a huge part of my life. 

Rewind a little bit back to before I started.  I was at my heaviest weight and somewhat hated myself.  I wanted to be healthier so I talked to my mom and asked her what I could do.  She suggested CrossFit because one of her friends said she really liked it.  I decided to try it and instantly fell in love with it because it's something new everyday and the people there are amazing.  It's not just a gym it's a community of people who work with each other and push each other to be their best that they can be.  Everyday I'm improving, not only in the gym but also with my life outside of it.  I feel better and more motivated to do things.  CrossFit taught me something that I'll never forget.  Anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.  Before I joined this gym I thought I was going to be stuck with what I was for the rest of my life.  But I joined and the people there helped me and encouraged me every step of the way.  I couldn't imagine my life without it now.  As of today I've lost a total of 70 pounds.


  Before I started doing CrossFit a year and 4 months ago my blood pressure was consistently staying too high 155/95 getting sometimes as high as 180/102.  I tried going to a Natural Medicine Specialist for close to a year and it still was too high and my family doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine.  I really didn't want to go on them with all the side affects they could cause. 

My son Mitch opened Mountain Loop CrossFit and I said to myself it couldn't hurt to try.  That was in September of 2013.  By about January of 2014 my doctor asked what I had changed because the last two doctor visits my blood pressure has been down around 132/82 and she was very pleased and of course the only change I had done was doing CrossFit. 

That is only one of the big changes I noticed.  I am a 56 year old woman and was having issues going up stairs and walking too far before running out of breath.  I had surgery on my left shoulder from a work injury and couldn't lift my arm past my shoulder.  Today I have no problem running 1200m, lifting 65lbs over my head and many more things that I never dreamed I would be doing.  I thought CrossFit was only for the young but that's not true.  Anyone can do it if you make your mind up to make that first step.  I thank ALL the coaches at Mountain Loop CrossFit.  Thanks again.



I started CrossFit on my 36th birthday.  I wanted to find something different from the same old gym atmosphere. Something that would be motivating, challenging and something to help push me to reach my health and fitness goals.  Also somewhere to build friendships and community.

When I first started CrossFit I couldn't even finish a WOD (workout of the day).  I was sore for days and really doubted that I was going to be able to do CrossFit, but I kept coming back.  Each day I feel stronger, physically and mentally.  The work outs push me and when I feel like I can't do anymore I hear motivation from the coaches and other members that help me with that push to finish.

I look back at 2 months ago and how I felt.  The fear of the unknown and the self doubt that I could ever do this.  Then I look at how I feel today.  Stronger, more confident and eager to keep learning this sport.

I have learned so much that helps me not only in my workouts but in life.  I can't thank Mountain Loop CrossFit enough.  This has changed and will keep changing my life!


A month before my 39th birthday it hit me hard; if I don't do something immediately I'm going to turn 40 in just over a year and be that weak, slow, fat, middle aged guy I always said I'd never turn into.  This depressed me, greatly, and so I resolved this could not happen.

I know myself and knew that if I went the normal exercise route I would abandon it within a few months, I needed something more.  I did CrossFit years in the past with great success but life took me away from it.  As chance would have it, Mountain Loop jumped out in front of me from out of the blue.  Although I was anxious to start down this path at a strange place with strange people, I was even more scared of the disappointment I'd face in myself if I did nothing.

In hindsight, this was one of the best decisions and investments in myself that I have ever made.  I am now stronger, faster & healthier than I have ever been.  I do things weekly that I could never have dreamed of a year ago.  My confidence in myself is greater than ever because I KNOW no matter what, I will compete even the most daunting task laid out before me.

I would have never gotten here if not for the Coaches and people at Mountain Loop.  They motivate me.  They inspire me.  They encourage me.  They keep me going when I'm too tired to continue.  They correct me when I'm too tired to stay focused.  They are the reason for my continued hard work.  Any place else, and I would have probably moved along to something else.  I am so fortunate to have stumbled across them.  They may not be the closest to me, but they are very much worth it.


In the last 15 years, I have been employed by and been a member of the two local "gyms" in our town.  Exercise had just become part of the daily grind.  Sept of 2014 I gave birth to our 3rd child and she was for sure, our last.  (She's the best oops we could have ever imagined)  By Dec, I was unmotivated at the gym, very self-conscious about my body, and ready for something different.  Just shortly after, I got added to the Mountain loop New Year membership special Facebook event.  I was hooked from day one.  I was soooo sore for DAYS but always wanted to get my butt kicked again the next day!  Once I started seeing results, I upgraded to an Unlimited Membership! (Never thought I would get to that point). I have met and become good friends with many of the members.  We have the best time encouraging each other which make the workouts so much fun! (I know, never trust a Crossfitter when they say something is fun). The coaches are awesome as well.  They are always willing to help, assist in setting goals, keeping you motivated and just be a friend!  A number on the scale was NEVER my goal but in 6 months, I have lost roughly 10 lbs and transformed many inches of fat into muscle.  All areas of my life have improved, especially my self esteem.  Which as a mom, effects your marriage, your parenting, your friendships...I could go on and on.  I don't see it as a success story because honestly, I think of a success story as the fabulous ending of a story and this my friends, is only the beginning of my CrossFit story!